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Anxiety in Menopause

So here we are in January, maybe not quite the “Happy New Year” you had in mind or really wanted but we all need to try to carry on and cope in the best way we can as individuals.

For ladies at any stage of the menopause fluctuating hormones can cause an onset of anxiety, add in this strange and very difficult year and understandably many people are struggling right now.

In general, anxiety is characterised by a constant sense of worry over normal everyday events, much greater than the situation deserves, and although you may realise this it can be difficult to shake off the feeling so that you are not constantly on edge or irritable.

Part of the explanation lies with the fact that oestrogen plays an important role in managing the chemical activities in your brain. When oestrogen levels are high you feel well but as levels drop, during menopause, a number of symptoms such as low mood and anxiety set in.

Anxiety is something everyone experiences at times, and feeling anxious is a perfectly natural reaction to some situations. But sometimes feelings of anxiety can be constant, overwhelming or out of proportion to the situation and this can affect your daily life.


So let’s pause, take a moment to examine the facts about anxiety:

  • Anxiety is normal
  • Anxiety is adaptive
  • Anxiety is not dangerous
  • Anxiety does not last forever
  • Anxiety is a common problem – you are not alone

There are many self-help tools that can calm anxiety, things that you can fit into everyday life but it’s not always easy to find a solution alone. As a Life Coach I can help you design your own tool box with positive actions and goals which will allow you to begin to control your anxiety and get life back on track.

We can look at:

  • Keeping a journal so that you can identify triggers to anxiety
  • Making time to examine your worries
  • Staying connected, keep talking to me
  • Making time for yourself, maybe mindfulness or a daily walk
  • Looking at lifestyle choices from diet to sleep patterns
  • Acknowledging that with time things will get better


Without a helping hand it’s easy to get distracted and revert to old habits especially as the menopause arrives in our lives at an age when we can feel pretty worn down by life, worn out by juggling work, family and just life in general during this pandemic. Our confidence in our appearance and our ability to function to provide 100% for everyone around us is wearing thin and the time we spend looking after ourselves can get overlooked.

Are you struggling with anxiety?

Are you spending time looking after yourself?

Are you the best version of you?

I would love the opportunity to help you so why not reach out for a free 45 minute consultation – a bit of “you” time and lets work through this together.

Menopause in 2020

On the subject of menopause …….

How was 2020 for you?

How are you feeling right now, heading into 2021?

A couple of positive updates:

  • In September 2020 Menopause was added to the school curriculum for the first time in the UK
  • In November 2020 the General Medical Council issued new guidelines for GP’s with regards to patient choice which means your opinions regarding HRT, if that’s what you’re thinking of, can be discussed confidently with your GP

Small steps but in the right direction.

Whichever stage of the menopause you are right now, has this pandemic brought any positives to your life?

For me – my hair got long, exposing grey roots and actually that was fine! My hairdresser has created a new look, costing less and using less chemicals – a win, win for me.

Has the pandemic changed how your menopause feels?

Has it been easier to cope with symptoms if you’ve been working from home?

Maybe no physical interaction with colleagues – has that been better or worse emotionally for you?

Have you had the motivation to exercise, maybe long walks?

How has your diet been? More time to prepare meals and eat well or too many opportunities to snack?

What have the dynamics at home been like? Too many or too few people around you?

The pandemic has created change in everyone’s life. Some aspects of this change will feel good, some bad.

Moving forwards into a new year provides the perfect opportunity to bring some of the positive changes with you. I can help you plan ahead and get the work-life balance right, this is a really important phase in your life and you deserve to be the best version of you – so reach out and let’s start working on a happy and healthy new year together.